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Dr. John S. Chilson M.S., Ph.D., President
Stylemasters College of Hair Design has been in operation under the direction of Dr. John S. Chilson since 1979. Dr. Chilson received his Ph.D. degree from The Ohio State University majoring in Adult Education, Curriculum Development, and Educational Research. Prior to owning beauty schools, he taught at the high school and college levels as well as serving as Dean of Continuing Education at Longview’s Lower Columbia College. Dr. Chilson serves as the Corporation’s President and Chairman of the Corporation’s Board of Directors.

David S. Chilson, Vice President for Facilities
David has owned and operated a number of small businesses as well as having participated in the family’s beauty school operation since 1989. He attended Lower Columbia College with majors in accounting and computer technology. He currently is a shareholder, Director, and President of Chilson Electric, Heating & Cooling, Inc. As the College’s Corporate Director and Officer, David manages the College’s facilities, directing facility usage, maintenance and repairs, and security alarm systems.

Lisa Kayser, Vice President for Career Development
Lisa attended and graduated from Stylemasters College of Hair Design in cosmetology in 1992 and instructor training in 1993. She has worked in local salons for many years. Lisa also attended Lower Columbia College where her studies included psychology, journalism, and advanced chemistry. She also brings experience from the medical field including training in first response, first aid, trauma, and CPR. Advanced training includes conflict resolution, personnel training, retail/inventory control, financial aid and accounting. As a Corporate Director and Officer, Ms. Kayser oversees all aspects of the college’s Career Development Program.

Jamie West, Secretary/Treasurer
Ms. West attended Clark College in Vancouver, Washington with a major in Business Administration. She has extensive work experience in accounting with special emphasis on QuickBooks, MS office, Word and Excel programs, and IT Tech Support. Jamie was recently elected to the Board of Directors to serve as the Corporation’s Secretary/Treasurer, replacing Mary Chilson who has since retired. As a Board of Director member and officer, Ms. West oversees all corporate financial transactions and official corporate documents.


Jamie West, Fiscal Comptroller
Jamie’s current duties as Fiscal Comptroller include managing payroll, quarterly reports, bank reconciliations, federal student financial aid disbursements, and external and internal control audits. Also see Ms. West’s Resume and responsibilities under Board of Directors.

Sandy Moore, Director of Student Services
Sandy attended and graduated from Stylemasters College’s cosmetology program in 2008 and from the instructor training program in 2009. As Director of Student Services, Ms. Moore serves as the college’s Student Loan Debt Prevention & Management Coordinator, the USDOE Title IX Coordinator, and compiles required Gainful Employment statistics in accordance with USDOE rules and regulations. Having been employed in the local beauty industry and having owned a local barber shop, she brings valuable work history experience to the College’s cosmetology career development program.

Erika Freeman, Receptionist, FSFA Intern
Erika graduated from Kalama High School. Erika also attended Lower Columbia College where she majored in English, Psychology, and Economics. She has worked as a customer service specialist since 2007 which makes her uniquely qualified to work the appointment book for clinic services by utilizing her knowledge of customer service skills. Ms. Freeman is also currently serving an internship in the College’s Federal Student Financial Aid Department.


The college’s staffing assignments may vary at any one time depending upon monthly enrollments, class size, clientele demands for clinic services, and staff illnesses. The following individuals are currently licensed, employed, and assigned teaching duties on either a full time or part-time basis as needs arise.

Administrative Staff who, on occasion, provide instructional activities:

Lisa Kayser, Licensed Instructor
(See Ms. Kayser’s Resume under Board of Directors)

Sandy Moore, Licensed Instructor
(See Ms. Moore’s Resume under Administrative Staff)

Full Time Instructional Staffing:

Mindie Christenson, Licensed Instructor
Mindie attended Stylemasters College and graduated from the cosmetology, nail technology, and instructor training programs. She also has owned a salon and works as a licensed practitioner in the salon business bringing her experience as a cosmetologist and nail technician along with product knowledge to the classroom.

Cindy McCallister, Supervisory Licensed Instructor
Cindy graduated from the cosmetology program at Stylemasters College where she also received her instructor training. She worked as a cosmetologist in a local beauty salon prior to returning to Stylemasters as an instructor. Cindy’s teaching assignments include instructing students who are performing regular clinic services on clientele and providing classroom instruction on related subjects. Cindy is assigned as the preparatory instructor to students in their final preparation for Washington State Board Licensure. She also serves as the college’s clinic floor supervisor.

Brandi Claycamp, Instructor
Brandi graduated from the cosmetology program at Stylemasters College in 2015, from the College’s nail technology program in 2016, and from the College’s instructor training program in 2017. She has also worked in a regionally known beauty salon. Brandi teaches classes in cosmetology and nail technology at the beginning, immediate, and advanced levels. She also brings experience to the classroom from the medical field, managing patient records and serving as a C.N.A.

Teacher/Student Ratio
With 116 student work stations available and 6 faculty the college’s maximum teacher/student ratio is 1 teacher for every 19 students. Enrollments for any given period average 60 to 84 students with an average teacher/student ratio of 1 teacher for every 14 students.

The College’s Facility
Stylemasters College of Hair Design is located in the heart of Longview’s downtown historic district and is listed on Longview’s Historic Preservation Registry. Originally constructed in 1941 as a J. C. Penny’s store, the College moved into its current facility after completing a major remodel in 1985. The Facility now includes approximately 9000 square feet of space encompassing three classrooms, a total of 116 student work stations, a spacious clinic floor with dispensary, instructor stations, administrative offices, reception area, public restrooms, and the college’s adjacent parking lot. The clinic floor includes hair design stations, shampoo bowls, hair dryers, manicuring/pedicuring/facial stations, and an on-site laundry. Main walls are adorned with original abstract murals painted by nationally renowned artist, Aden Catalani. The East entrance hallway has on display an array of student class portraits. The College’s facility is overseen by Operational Manager, Courtney Eisenhauer.